About Kelli Vogstad


photo (1)Who am I? I am a teacher at heart. Over thirty five years I have been doing this thing called teaching.  I am a developmentalist, a curriculum maker, a kid watcher, and a lifelong learner.  I’d say Attachment and Care Theory, Early Childhood Education and Literacy Development, Inquiry-Based Learning and Teaching for Thinking, Formative Assessment and Evaluation, are my areas of interest and training. For over thirty five years, I have taught children and adults in a variety of settings. As a PDP graduate, born and raised in Vancouver, I left my home and family and followed my first husband to the private mining town of Kitsault. There, my first teaching job awaited me. The following year, Williams Lake became our home and there I taught k/1/2 and the Language and Literature course for the Early Childhood Diploma Program at the local college. During my time away from the big city, I experienced the life of a one-room school teacher/principal. In the wide-open ranching community of Big Creek, I taught 24 students, K-7. When I returned to the Lower Mainland, I taught one year in Maple Ridge, was a Faculty Associate at SFU, taught K/1/2 in Vancouver, fell in love with husband number two, was a coordinator for PDP, gave birth to twins, taught at the university, taught grade 5/6/7 part time, changed school districts one more time, taught ESL full day kindergarten, and then primary multi-age classes all in that order, interspersed with a variety of other related leadership and professional challenges, as well as holding the roles of Vice Principal and Principal in Surrey. Over the years I continue to learn and clarify my beliefs as a teacher/administrator. I don’t think I’ll ever get to a place where I can say that I have truly figured it out and know all the answers. If I ever do, I think that it will be time to stop and take up gardening and walking my golden retriever, Max, full time.



  1. Hi Kelly, I’ve enjoyed reading about your journey and reflections on using digital portfolios, especially the post about ‘beyond scrapbooks’. As our district ventures into rolling out FreshGrade, I’m looking for a professional book/resource that might support teachers with some background/foundation around authentic assessment practices, portfolios, digital portfolios. Have you come across any such resource? Many thanks for your time.

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  3. Nice look to your blog and great content. Your passion for teaching and learning always shines. I observed this way back when you were my instructor in an early learning class at SFU. Your energy and ability to keep educational ideals close to heart are exactly what’s needed in your new role as principal. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas!

    • Thank you, Brad! Your unassuming strength and generosity, and your dedication to making important differences in the lives of others I commend. It is a honour to call you a friend. Your school is lucky to have you,

  4. Hi Kelli! I love your blog. I’m the admin for a Facebook group called BC Core Competencies- Practical Ideas for Teachers. We have over 1600 educators collaborating there. Would you mind if I shared a link to your blog for that group?

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