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Every Child Matters, the Messages Behind Orange Shirt Day.

Originally published September 26th on CambridgeLearns,  by Kelli Vogstad Over forty years ago, six year old Phyllis Webstad lived with her grandmother on the Dog Creek reserve. They had very little money, but some how Phyllis’ grandmother managed to save enough … Continue reading

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Communicating Student Learning: The Journey Continues

It has almost been a year since I wrote my post called, Making Learning Visible through Digital Portfolios.  We have continued our journey here at Cambridge Elementary deepening our understanding of pedagogical documentation and how we can best document student … Continue reading

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The Classroom as the Third Teacher . . . what are your students learning to live?

The other day I read a tweet about 21st century classrooms looking like Starbucks coffee shops and I couldn’t help thinking about all the wonderful classrooms I have visited or have set up myself over the thirty plus years that I … Continue reading

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Why is my kid building patterns again? The Importance of Patterning.

This post is written for all those parents who have ever wondered why their child, whether in kindergarten, grade three, or grade seven, is exploring, identifying, creating, and naming patterns in Math class.  It is also for the many teachers who … Continue reading

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Empowering Children As Writers, Letting Their Voices be Heard

I am a writer who still chooses to find my voice and craft my words with paper and pen in hand.  In today’s technology driven world, writers have so many choices and ways to share their ideas and communicate their … Continue reading

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Words for a New Year

As I walked my dog Max through Crescent Park, I was moved by the warmth and smiles I received from strangers as they passed by saying, “Happy New Year!” “Happy New Year!” For every individual who has spoken or heard … Continue reading

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